Groupe Mainland’s mission statement is to build and/or find income properties and commercial buildings. These opportunities, combined with investors’s will to build, grow, diversify or solidify their heritage, allowed Groupe Mainland to elaborate a business model for real estate investment.

The core of this model combines the relationship creation between real estate investors and real estate investments. and the following steps including financing, mortgage refinancing, private lenders, equity investments, acquisitions by shares and second level mortgages.

Investors benefit from Groupe Mainland’s expertise gained through years of construction, real estate development, acquisitions and management of income properties.

Groupe Mainland put together an exceptional team of professionals combining their knowledge in different fields to offer an all-in-one service. Armed with our wide knowledge of the real estate market, all of our actions are taken in best interests of the owners and investors.

If you wish to invest in a fast, easy and creative way in our income properties, please contact us at