The 0$ cashdown

You are in your early 20’s, just graduated or starting to work in your field of expertise. You are a hardest working one in the place, known for always saying yes to extra hours to help out your coworkers. You start to recognize yourself?

You are walking your first steps on the big trail of life, you were told to get good grades and your diplomas to open as many doors as possible. While you are waiting for those infamous doors to open, you might also be working in a retail store at 15$/h, it is all good, we’ve all been there!

You live at your parent’s place, the radio is always tuned on the “remember the 70’s” channel, the TV is constantly on the news channel, repeating every 30 minutes in case something happens, in other words, you can’t take it anymore.

To add on to all that, those are often heard at home
“Clean up your room”
“You left your shoes in the doorway”
“Help out your brother with that”
“Your brother doesn’t understand, do it for him”
“If you’re not happy with what’s for dinner, you know what to do”
“ I’m cold, I’m putting heat on, even if it’s 23 degrees”
“You are coming home a bit late”
“Oh, you’re home early tonight!”

You love your parents and will never thank them enough for what they did BUT you start to think about maybe getting your own place with your life partner. You look at appartments, because let’s be honest, the bank account is not fully loaded after a couple years of “The small looks very good on you Madame” and “ Sir I strongly recommend the extended warranty”.

You might think you don’t have enough money down for a condo, but one night, while surfing the internet, you discover that Groupe Mainland offers the possibility to buy a brand-new condo with NO CASHDOWN, for a monthly mortgage payment very close to what you would pay, or are paying right now to rent an apartment. Wow what an opportunity!

Next thing you know you call us, you buy, you move, you live happily ever after with lots of kids.

If you want this fairytale to become your reality, get in touch with us!

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