5 tips for a good website transition!

If you are reading this article, congratulations! You are now on our brand-new website! I have to tell you that we are very proud of it, first of all because it looks amazing but also because we worked very hard to make it what it is today! (Not as hard as the Treize’s team though, the ones who developed it)

You are thinking about changing your website? This article is for you, here are 5 tips taken from our experience in creating a new website.

1- Know what you want

It’s the absolute first step, it may be your first one or to replace your actual website, you must know what you want. The ultimate tip to find ideas, your competitor’s websites! Everybody does it, don’t be ashamed, you will find inspiring ideas of business like yours and businesses you would like to become. Find every little ingredient on each site you are visiting, put it together to make your own website recipe!

2- Find the right company to build your website

You cousin has a friend who knows someone who makes websites? Maybe that person is very good, but maybe not. Make sure to do your research, to look at the online reviews and comments, it is so easy nowadays with Facebook. All you have to do is go on the company’s Facebook page and look at what people are saying (if the company doesn’t have a Facebook page, it might not be the right one). Meet them, get to know them, you will work together for some time, you must build a trustful relationship, you want someone who will work for you but mostly work with you, to reach your objectives.

3- Put your hand in your pocket

This might not be relevant to everybody, if you need a very simple one pager website for an internet presence, no need to put in the big bucks. If you have something special to promote in a unique way, something to sell of which you have a lot to say or even complete transactions right from your website, it might be worth it to invest a bit more, because yes, a website is an investment! In our case, interactive maps of our real estate developments, floorplans and virtual reality visits were our unique selling factors, which were also the main motive for a bigger investment.

4- Give your developers what they want ON TIME

It is the #1 reason for delayed deliveries of websites, not de developers fault, but all yours. If you want your website ready on time, give them what they want, when they want!

5- Do not forget your actual website

During the conception, your actual website is still your company’s online presence and id. It’s probably causing your eyes to bleed every time you look at it, but you have to keep it up to date because it is on that website that your customers are for now. Your actual website was loyal for years, give some love for its short time remaining.

Bonus tip!

Measure, evaluate, improve. These 3 words are the most important once the website is up and running, it will be in a constant evolution, but to know what to adapt and modify, you must measure. When your analysis is done, you see what’s working and what is not to improve constantly!

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